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These links will open a new page.  The Gulf of Tonkin links were sent to me by a 5 stripe retired Navy Vet, asking that I post them.

Gulf of Tonkin Gulf of Tonkin Gulf of Tonkin Ron Paul
McNamara - Tonkin didn't happen Tonkin - Learn from History  Tonkin - McNamara - Giap


World War II Database 

DANFS Online

Armed-guard Video of Amphibs-file is 18 meg and requires media player National WWII Memorial

Deck Log

Heavy Bombers
An American Hero Dies 38th Alabama CSA Energy plan 1977
Federal Flag Code Midway - unanswered questions Traut Family Photos WWII
Women in Service WWII Online Military Rolls
Veterans History Project


War Letters
933 Selected Links Father Coughlin WWII in color
USS Liberty-fallen heroes USS Liberty-Cover up Heinz Knoke - Luftwaffe

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Reunions, Records and Associations AMPHIBIOUS SHIPS REUNIONS
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Pearl Harbor
USS Slater DE 766 John W. Brown USS Cod SS 224
Cadet Nurses    Philippine Insurrection Veterans benefits actions vs. words

Planned invasion of Japan

D-DAY June, 6 1944

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Richard Fleming

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People at war-oral and other views
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Bill Mauldin 1921-2003

MacArthur and the "Bonus Army"

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