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I visited the USS Cod in Cleveland on Thursday  September 25, 2003 and was totally blown away by the degree of restoration on this boat (yes, they call subs boats).

I went downtown with the intention of visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Cod.  After an intense personal tour of the Cod with one of the Volunteers, Dick, I walked up to the R&R Museum.  After  walking around the lobby for a minute, I turned around and went back to the Cod for another visit. Somehow the R&R Museum seemed so trivial.

That was on Thursday.  I went back again on Saturday to visit the R&R Museum, but returned to the Cod for a 3rd and 4th visit instead. (I visited the Great Lakes Steamer Mather between my two Cod visits and again almost visited the R&R Museum)

This is not meant to downplay the fine restoration work being done by groups like the Slater DE 766 in Albany, NY or the LST 325 organization.  Their efforts are heroic. The Cod's restoration shows what can be done with decades of dedicated work. They have been at it since the 70's.

View of the forward Torpedo room

That being said, I'm going to ask a favor.

Open your checkbooks and write a check to support one of these fine restorations.  The dedicated volunteers who spend thousands (literally) of hours making this possible can use your help. It's a hell of a lot easier to write a check or maintain a website like I do, than it is to do the work these volunteers do.

I'm not telling you which ship or museum to support, that's up to you, but  it is important that we all do our part.  

In addition, I would like to ask you to start looking for the following technical manuals needed by the Cod.  Much of the equipment on the Cod actually works-thanks to dedicated volunteers like "Diesel Dave" and "Dick the Electronics Whiz."  If you have something you think they can use, contact me and I will forward your email to the appropriate person.  

They have rebuilt the Torpedo Guidance System and have the Torpedo Manual Volume I, they need Volume II

In addition, they have been able to get the auxiliary diesel engine running, but need the Operations, Propulsion and Engineering Manual to get the 4 main ones up and running.

These manual titles may not be exact-but give you an idea.  I'm sure the other ships can use similar manuals.

On a personal note, anyone have a  1943, 1944 or 1945 calendar for the mess on the Cod? Preferably a pin up... Somehow the 2003 one is out of place. I've started looking on Ebay, but the originals are a bit pricey...

If you get to Cleveland with plans to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, walk a block and visit the Cod first.  There is also a Great Lakes Freighter, the Mather that is being restored.  All are within walking distance of each other.

A number of people have asked if they could donate to this website because I pay all the expenses myself.  I've always said no.

Here is a way that will help now and enable future generations the chance to get a glimpse of the past.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Russ Padden - webmaster

It's easy to praise the men who serve and those who served. It's nice to call them heroes, but it's a hell of a lot more effective and not just lip service if you actually help. While you are at it, send a check to your local emergency squad, the volunteer fire department and the USO.  They've all gotten lots of praise from our politicians since 9-11, but no money.  I donate to all of them regularly.

Word whisper, but actions shout.