Here is a story that I am not at all proud to tell, but it is humorous now but very embarrassing then. A group of guys went to the gym to play basketball, after our game we showered and there were benches which we sat on to dress. 

We all got the crabs; we went to sickbay and were told to shave and put on the old blue ointment or whatever it was. Try to drill with that agitation in your groin. Our chief was teed saying with ointment we need not to have shaved. 

What a razzing we got and the guys were afraid to use the head after us. Not that I blamed them. 

Thinking back about this, there were a bunch of us that went to H.S. together and we were pretty clannish. There are several who have gone to the locker, besides no names would be involved and I am rather embarrassed that it happened to me especially when crabs was brought up in song or jokingly. 

Thusly I prefer to remain anonymous, even if was 60 plus yrs. ago. Most of the company were 'local', from the C. NY area, and if they attend any of your functions they would probably remember the occasion. Getting back to the Clannish part, I say that because we were the culprits because we went to the gym. 

We stuck together because of our 4 yrs. in HS together. Our square knots were all from C. NY, but they were somewhat older than us.  Our Honcho was a state trooper from NY, not a pleasant guy, with most of us being kids and pretty ornery. 

Use the story, but like I said, I am still embarrassed. (name withheld-even after all these years...)

Speaking of the head we had 3 GI showers and the chief let us know that it was proper, in his own way that is. Those guys really needed them, one bunked above me and what dirty feet hung down over the bunk.