Mrs. Corcoran's Son, POW of Nazi, Grateful for Red Cross Assistance

You don't have to tell Mrs. Florence Corcoran there's a war on. She has three sons in the armed forces and works at the Officers' Mess.

One of her sons, Lieut. Stephen M. Corcoran, a bombardier on a B-17 with the Eighth Air Force, was shot down over Germany reported missing. However Mrs. Corcoran recently learned through the Red Cross that he is a prisoner in Germany.

In a letter to his mother, Lieut. Corcoran said: "Never have I been more thankful for anything as I am now for the Red Cross. They sure make things a lot easier for us over here. Never again will I complain when they put the old touch on me for money. All of us prisoners of war owe the Red Cross more than we can ever repay them."

Mrs. Corcoran, who is from Geneva, has another son Martin, in Africa with the Army.  A third son, Francis F1c took his recruit training at Sampson in the fall of 1943 and is now in the South Pacific.