Sampson, April 21 -1944

The U.S. Naval Training Station, Sampson, has been redesignated as a Naval Training Center in accordance with a Navy Department directive changing the names of all Naval Training stations to training centers.

The directive notes that the change is made "in order to relieve the respective commandant and commanding officers of Naval training stations of matters of routine administration and the administration of discipline."

The order also created the following subordinate commands: U.S. Naval Hospital, Naval Training Center, Sampson; Recruit Training Command, Service School Command and Administrative Command.

Announcement of the change was made in Executive Officer's Memorandum No. 167, dated 1, April.

The memorandum noted that there will be no change in the station organization chart nor in administration policies and practice until official interpretations of the Navy order are received. All existing Station Orders and Executive Memoranda remain in effect.

In addition, the memorandum states that in all correspondence the designation "U.S. Naval Training Center, Sampson, New York," will be used, but the use of the designation for subordinate commands will not be used except by the U.S. Naval Hospital, until it is so directed by the Commandant. Station letterheads will be used with the word "Center" substituted for the word "Station" until the present supply is exhausted.