Kendaia, June 16: About one hundred owners of property in this section have been served with notices the past week asking for immediate possession of the land for the purpose of establishing the site for the Sampson naval training station.  The notice included a copy of he original order of immediate possession issued in the United States District Court of the Western District of New York at Buffalo on June 11th.

Affected in the order are about sixty cottages, twenty farms, twenty residential lots, and a part of the Willard State hospital lands commonly known as "Buttonwood."

Immediate possession is to be given for the property owned by the following: Carlton Crane, Ida Folwell Estate, Herbert L. Harris, Jay Coryell.

On July 11th the Federal government will acquire actual possession and occupation of the remaining area.  In part of this area, permission has been given for preliminary work to be carried out.

Owners of properties to be taken on July 11 are as follows.  Burt Van Nostrand, Charles C. Garrison, Earl Bucklin, Richard K. Roach, Edwin J. Van Duser, John Whalen, Thomas McWhorter, Myron Brewer, Harold Updike, Edward Van Vleet, Hugh Conley, Monroe E. Pease, John Sutton, Rosalie Hagerty, R. A. Marquart, John Harris, A. R. Wyckoff, Louise Reigle, Patrick Dougherty, Kenneth Ballard. Jay Coryell, Edward B. McGinnis, W. P. Scherer, Robert Psycher, Carrie O'Connor, Cora e. Freligh, Burt Nickerson, Frank Marsh, Sarah Conley, Lena Rising, John C. Pontius, Frank Ballard, Pat Golden, Anthony Laurer, Anthony Gigliotti, Lewis DePillo, Daniel Chacchia, S.E. Oughterson, Lewis Beutel, Frank Jenner, William H. Hawley, William Earing, Thomas McElvy, Kittie Bleck, Clarence Fynaut, L. J.  Haze, E. J. Bowler, J. T.  Campbell, William H. Schneck, Elwood Barnard, Harold Sniffen, Anton S. Bauer, Elizabeth Stockwell, SD Skuse, Clara M. Lucas, Dr. Paul Baldridge, Hadley Sessler, LaVerne Sessler, Daniel F. Driscoll, John Marshall, Mark Baldridge, Joseph F. Marshall, Ellis Dadson, Charles Andrews, Earl Olin, Fred J. Furman, Dr. Thomas Means, Percy Walker, Benjamin Swarthout, Neal A. Faatz, Sidney Kuney, Fred B. Garrison, Aaron Oakley, M. Edgerton Deuel, Oscar Rickels, Frank Berryman, E. A. Spears, Helen C. Huff, Edythe Dillingham. Ernest Eaton, William R. Baker, Wallace Coryell, Percy Smith, E.E. Finnegan, Chauncey Depew, Charles L. Collins, Charles Conkling, Jasper Howell, W.P. McGrain, Martha Newman, Fred Guy, Frank Jolley, H.C. Lindenberg, David B. Treadwell, Gunnard Karlsen, Purl Ackerman, Martin Astrup.

In some instances, service of personal notices of the evacuation orders was effected and in others, cottage owners found copies of the orders were nailed on their buildings. Miss Martha Newman finds it necessary to move for the second time within a year. Last summer, her home near the Wesleyan church in the township of Varick was included in the Seneca Ordinance Depot area, and now her residence near Willard is in the naval training station site.