1945 Sampson Bus And Car Crash

Two Sampson sailors were slightly injured in the crash of two Greyhound buses, loaded with an outgoing naval contingent, and five persons were injured in another two vehicle crash near Waterloo Tuesday.

Henry H. Vallette, 18, and Sam F. Fussaro, 20, sailors at Sampson Naval Training Center, were injured when Greyhound buses in which they were passengers collided in the Geneva-Willard Road near the training center.

Trooper W. L. McDermott, Waterloo sub-station, state police, said Vallette was a passenger in a bus driven by Clifford W. Utter, 37 Columbia Street, Geneva, which was traveling north enroute to Geneva, while Fussaro, who suffered an injury to his right foot, was a passenger in a bus driven by Ralph E. Hutchinson, 335 West Avenue, Canandaigua, traveling in the same direction. Vallette was cut about the upper lip. Both were treated at the Naval Station Hospital.

Utter, Trooper McDermott said, stopped his bus to pick up a passenger, when the bus driven by Hutchinson crashed into the rear of the first vehicle. Other sailors in both buses escaped unhurt.

Five persons were injured in an accident at the intersection of the Junius Corners-Dublin Road and the Clyde-Meringo Road, six miles north of Waterloo.