During WWII, there was a tremendous shortage of nurses.  To help meet the need, the Government started the Cadet Nurse Program.

My Mother, Orise, was one of the many who received this training.  After the war she worked as a Public Health Nurse in NYC and was there to see the UN being built.

She married a Navy vet and they moved into a tract house in New Jersey-financed by the G.I. Bill.

She continued her nursing career until she retired to Florida.  In her final years of nursing she did mostly private duty work.

None of this would have been possible without the opportunity provided by the Roosevelt Administration.

My Mother volunteers at a Clinic that serves the uninsured working poor in Florida. (Like people who work at WalMart-working, but uninsured and too poor to buy insurance) Two of the other Nurses that volunteer also were trained in the Cadet Nurse Corps.

The first link (after the booklet) is to a book written by two sisters who were Cadet Nurses.  It is an excellent oral history.  The copy I gave my Mother is still being passed around.