Emerson W Pribble    Oklahoma City, OK. 

My life in the United States Navy World War II

I enlisted in the US Navy 10 June 1941 at Dallas Texas, and was sent to Naval Training Station San Diego, CA. Upon completion of recruit training 29 August 1941 was transferred to US Destroyer Base San Diego CA to Fleet music school. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor I was transferred to USS Harris APA2 for duty on 14 January 1942 Transferred back to Destroyer Base 17 April 1943 to Fleet Welding School.

Participated in the following hazardous missions of war while attached to the USS Harris.

1. May 31 to June 4,1942 ; Amphibious landing of marine combat teams on Wallis Island in the South Pacific. On August 22, 1942 Harris sailed in company with Transport Division six from San Diego, CA. to Norfolk, VA. While approaching Hampton Roads VA. The convoy commander ordered all ships to form into single column. Harris was on the starboard beam of USS Henry T. Allen, and while swinging hard left to drop into column astern of the Henry T Allen USS Algorab collided head on into the port side of Harris just abaft the bridge. Severe damage resulted and Harris proceeded independently into Norfolk navy yard for repairs.

I was working with forward repair party pulling welding cable through number one hold on the port side. My left lower leg was caught in the watertight door as it closed when the ship rolled. I sustained contusions of lower left leg just above and at the ankle. Seen by MO and placed in ward, relieved from duty.

2. November 8,1942 Amphibious landing of army combat teams at Safi, French Morocco in the initial attack and occupation.

3. May 11-15, 1943 Amphibious landings of army combat teams on Attu Island (Aleutians). then occupied by Japanese forces.

4. August 15-20, 1943 participated in the amphibious landings of army combat teams on Kiska Island, (Aleutians.

5. November 20-28, 1943 participated in the amphibious landings of marine combat teams in the initial attack and occupation of Tarawa and Apamama Atolls in the Gilbert Islands then occupied by Japanese forces.

17 December 1943 transferred to Rec ship Pearl Harbor. It was during this time waiting for transportation to the west coast I was sent on working parties to the battleship USS Oklahoma BB37 that had recently been raised after the difficult salvage job begun in March 1943. My job was to wipe down the steam drum in #6 boiler room.

1-12-44 Transferred this date to the RS, PSNY, Bremerton Wash. for duty in the USS Makassar Strait Detail. Ship was commissioned 27 April 1944 as a Casablanca class air craft carrier.

Participated in operations resulting in the occupation of Iwo Jima. 15 February 16 March 1945.

Participated in operations resulting in the occupation of Okinawa during period 13 March-7 May 1945.

The USS Makassar Strait was moored at Ford Island Pearl Harbor, Hawaii when the war ended

October 2 1945 we arrived at San Diego, CA, and I was transferred to Camp Elliott for discharge on October 5 1945.