11/26/2009 - invasion plaque has been located!

My mother told me that my uncle (John Fauth) was the person who made the plaque.  She said he was the ship's carpenter. 

 He also drove landing craft during engagements.  My uncle moved to Arizona around 1967 and I last saw him in 1970.  Both he and my father (his brother) have passed on so I'm only relating what I've been told.  I can tell you that I've been fascinated by the plaque since I was 12 and my uncle said it was mine.   

I was driven to learn more about the USS Harris after watching WWII in HD last week on the History Channel and realizing that my uncle was involved in many of the battles that were profiled.  

I have visited your website and found my uncle in picture #41.  Apparently he was one of the crewman who served during the entire war.  He is the man in front row,far right.  

I wish that I could tell you more.  Please use the pictures.  I hope that the surviving crew members and their families enjoy knowing that it's been preserved all these years. 

Lisa Fauth

See picture of the plaque and picture of John Fauth in link #41

Harris contact: YNC David W Ronk, USN Ret