USS HARRIS 2006 Reunion in San Francisco, CA
August 16th thru 20th 2006
Historic Sir Francis Drake Hotel on Union Square
Host Susan Nelson--


Shipmates, wives, siblings and guests

Ben and Joyce Gregg

Jan and Jeff Restarski

John and Sue Nelson (Host)

Steve and Denise Stafford

Fred Meier

Henry Meier

Reva and Charles Stafford

Ed and Ana Espinoza

Bob and Kathy Dreis Nelson

Lynn Meier

Christine and Machael Carr

Eric Peterson

Jill Peterson

Hank and Mary Eickmeyer

Hap van Valer

David Ronk

Robbie King

Kevin and Norma Darragh

Rita Hall

Gerry and John Broscoff

Harriette Lord

Jim and Lu Ann Scally

Cameron and Kyle Scally

Mrs Orval Smith

Christine and Michael Carr

Sharon McCormick Bertrand

Patricia McCormick Dimond

Tony Dimond

Bill and Frances Bollom

Duane and Barb Lord

Debby Dreis Ellis

Darby and Evelyn  Dreis