Much of the old base is gone. Many of the wooden buildings were sold off during the Truman Era. Some were used to help provide housing for the many Vets who went to college under the GI Bill. (including one barracks that was used at Hartwick College in Oneonta-it was about 1500 feet from where my wife grew up)

The base was also used as a GI Bill college for a couple of years. What remained was turned into an Air Force base in 1950. It was abandoned during the Eisenhower Administration and fell into disrepair.

A number of the old warehouses are still in use.  The main Brig has been restored by the Navy Vets and they share it with the Air Force Vets as a museum. The area with the most remaining old buildings is the Hospital area which can only be reached by bike or by foot, the road is blocked.

In addition there is what appears to be the remains of the rifle range south of the main area and southwest of the Hospital.

I have consolidated the pictures that were sent to me by several people, along with some I took.

Some were passed to me by Sampson Air Force Vets, they were taken by Michael Karpovage in 2004.

Others were taken in April and May 2005 by Jeff Walker whose Dad trained at Sampson. He worked under the direction of his dog Bart who pointed out the most interesting views.   Unfortunately for Jeff, Bart was able to go UNDER the brambles, Jeff had to go THROUGH them.

The most recent additions came from James Hughes.  His images were so sharp and clear that almost all of the images I took didn't make the cut...  He has better equipment and is more skilled than I.

Hospital Area is section Y in map below.  Sewage Treatment is area Z.  Incinerator is at end of road in area I.  Officers area is area P.