Thurs. Nov. 25, 1943

Dear Ida & Patty

I just got through talking with you on the phone and sure made me feel good. Itís too bad Patty wouldnít say something.

Ida, please listen to this and answer me right away. I sent you a letter with the bill for the car, a list of the stuff they give us and I sent you some money to pay the bill at Locarioís [??]. I hope you received this letter because it is very important. So write and let me know if you got it.

I donít know whether I explained it well or not but I am going to take a test Tuesday for Yeoman 3/C. I will have a rating before I get through with Boot training. I get $28 more a month. It is typing and stenography work. Maybe for one of the big shots. My next choice if I donít pass is Storekeeper. That is handling supplies. So pray for me. I did very good in my test. 40 is just like 70. I got 54, 50, 65, 49, 57, 44 in the six tests that they gave us. I passed everyone. Only one is darn good and that was Mathamatics [sic]. I got 65, that is just like 95.

We do all our drilling outside. Right now we are practicing with guns and bayonets. We drill with them. If a guy donít turn right you can get a good bump on the head just like you see in the movies. Just picture me out there with a bad cold, sore throat, chills and fever. If I went to the doctors they would keep me there. If you are there over 6 days, you have to start your boot training all over again with another company. Iím doing it so I can come home to you and Patty as soon as I can.

When a fellow has a wife like you home waiting for him he will do anything to come home to her. So please donít worry about me. I can take it.

Forget about me leaving this camp because there is no such thing. Donít believe what you hear. Even if we did you could bet your left arm that it would be you that I would come to.

I forgot to ask you how that cold of yours was. I hope that you are feeling better. Chin up.

I love you

P.S. Give Patty a kiss for me.

Posted with permission.