Tues. Nov. 23, 1943

Dear Ida & Patty,

Ida, I donít know whether I told you or not but will you send that sailor song that we got at the ďdude ranchĒ and my harmonica?

I asked for the radio because the fellows were saying how nice it would be to have one. I told them that you wouldnít mind if we used it until my Boot training is over. Itís only for about 5 weeks and they wouldnít harm it. When I told them that I only wanted the money to call you and mail it, they thought it was swell. You see, little things like that help in getting somewhere. You canít tell. O.K.

Did you look at the map yet to find out where we are? [We're] located on a beautiful spot overlooking Lake Seneca. It looks like the Great Lakes. Right now the wind is blowing to beat hell and is it cold! So you better get the idea of coming up out of your head because they say it hasnít even started to get cold. I wouldnít want you people to get stuck anywhere in this cold [weather].

Iím going to tell you something but donít get scared. Last night I was on guard duty from 10 to 12 midnight. About 11:15, I passed out and was out for about 15 minutes. When I came out of it there were about 3 officers, first aid men, other guards all around me. I thought I was dreaming. They had me in my bunk. I was all undressed. I told them that I had guard duty and they told me the hell with it, get some sleep and rest. A chief Petty Officer had me go to the doctor in the morning and he said it was just the effects of these damn needles they give us. I feel much better this morning. Donít worry. I am on light duty.


Source: http://spitballarmy.com/

Posted with permission.