[Mon.] Nov. 22, 1943

Dear Ida & Patty,

I just got 2 letters from you, in fact, [you're] the only one that writes to me. Whatís the matter with everyone? You know, if everyone was to write once in a while it would make me feel like I was home talking to them. Gosh, fellows here get 5 & 6 letters at a time. It feels good to hear your name at mail call.

Iím glad you did what you did about the stairs at the landladyís house. To think the damn fool was crying and saying I was like her boy when I left. She told me to forget about it that it was nothing at all. I appreciate what Mr. Reveruzzi did for you. I want you to pay him regardless of what he says [to] you. Donít forget [to] pay him. Favor or no favor. If you want the money I will send it to you.

You said that you would like to send me some funny books. Well, you know what I can really use and thatís some Alka Seltzer, aspirins and Vicks. They sell funny books here.

I was sorry to read about Grayce. I hope she is all right. As for Romie getting into a strangerís car, she ought to be ashamed of herself. At her age she should know better. You ought to know that today you have to watch out for these wolf hounds. So tell her to be careful and you, too. I know that you will probably look for a ride sometimes going across the bridge when itís cold. When you do please be careful and make sure you know who it is. Please, for my sake and Pattyís.

P.S. I am feeling much better now.

Lots of Love

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Posted with permission.