Mon. Nov. 22, 1943

Dear Ida & Patty,

Got your letter of Nov. 19 and was pleased to see Pattyís handwriting on it. I run my fingers on the lines and I could almost feel her hand in mine. I sure miss her an awful lot. Especially when I used to play the records and dance with her. I sure miss you too. Right now I have a touch of the grip [sic] and I could use a rub down on my back.

Talking about our 2 by 4. It was all right after all. I have just as much trouble as you, in fact I have it bad. You only have to contend with your mother, but look at me here with 112 men, snoring, groaning, talking in [their] sleep and the guy on the top bunk moving - when he does he moves me too. Well, we both have to make the best of it. Someday I will get you that nice home I promisd you. You know that I am a man of my honor. So bear it with me. You are better than I am. I feel like a piece of machinery, at least you can do a few things you would like to do. We are [cooped] up in a place about Ĺ mile square and canít move out of it.

I was pleased to read that the baby takes to Jo. Things like that make me feel good because I know that Patty is well taken care of. I know you are too.

We had rifle and bayonet practice today. It is awfully windy and cold. We were supposed to have our swimming lesson but it was too cold.

I didnít break my glasses, in fact, I havenít worn them since I came here.

Miss Levyís bag came in very handy. I am glad I got it. I also wrote her a nice letter.

We had to keep our shoes to wear while taking our physical and know weíre using them until they put extra soles on our navy shoes.

The key belongs to the garage. Throw it away.

I also wrote a nice letter to my mother. Itís very hard to find time to write. So will you please tell everyone to write to me and I will do all I can to answer them. That way I know who to write to and what to say O.K.

I donít think that I will be home for Xmas.

I donít know how long the courses are. It all depends on what you get. Sometimes from 6 weeks to 3 months.

We were given numbers and Kiernanís number was 78 and mine 77, all the other fellows were higher. They take so many by numbers in order and ship them to a barracks. So you see we were in the first bunch that left.

Weíre to go to chow now so will write again.

Lots of love


Posted with permission.