Wed. Nov. 17, 1943

Dear Ida & Patty,

Weíre still on the go. Had a little drilling today. I was picked out as a platoon guide. There are 56 men in a platoon.

There are just two of us out of the whole gang that are together. The other fellow is Edward Kiernan. He married Betty Leets. She was the one that called you up Monday to tell you where we were going.

Please send me my glass case. I need it badly. Another thing I want you to know is please tell everybody not to send anything to me for Xmas. We have everything here. I donít need money. I donít need cigarettes. Tell them and yourself to save everything until I come home. I may be home a week after New Yearís. I hope. We havenít time to smoke or spend money. So itís no use sending anything. We canít chew gum either. We have so many things to put in our small locker that if I get any more things I would go crazy. Just send me a card ďMerry Xmas.Ē OK.

My arms still ache from those needles. During the night they carried out 3 fellows who got sick from the needles. I had a little fever the first night but I feel much better now.

I have to finish this letter in order to get it out early. Please write and tell me about my little Patty. Have her sign it. Will write again soon.

Love to you, Patty and everyone
From Daddy


Posted with permission.