Thurs.  Feb. 3, 1944

Dearest darling Sweetie Pie,

This is the morning after.  After talking to you & Patty.  How did I sound?  Didnít I sound nice & cheerful?  Thatís the way I am going to be all the time.

It made me very happy to hear Patty talk on the phone.  You are a darn good wife by teaching her those cute things.  Iíll bet she is a rascal.  Just like me.  Iím glad you have her to make you happy in my absence.  When I come back to you & Patty to stay, you are going to have your hands full.  Weíre both going to tease hell out of you.  Thatís because we both love you.

I thought this would interest you.  I have been looking into this Horoscope I got lately and here are some of the highlights.  I looked up the chart for Feb. 19 and this is what it says.  ďFav. An excellent day for romance, social activities, family affairs.Ē  Now who could I be romancing on Feb. 19?  I already know and am I glad.  Sweetheart.  Another one.  I am getting a five hour leave Feb. 8.  I didnít plan on going out but then I thought of ďValentines DayĒ and thought it would be nice to go to Geneva and pick up something for my two Sweethearts (you & Patty).  The Horoscope has ďFav. An excellent day for shopping,Ē for Feb. 8.  How do you like that!  I had already planned on going before I read the horoscope.

Tonight I am going to bring my dress jumper, undress jumper, & trousers to be fixed & cleaned at the tailorís.  I am also going to Small Stores to get some odds & ends.  This week I had my pass made out before time so I would be sure of getting out of the Unit.  I am going to get some socks, shorts, Jerseys, & buttons for you.  Darling, ask Romie if she would like one of those black sweaters I had.  If she does, have her give me her size.  I can get one for her.  The only thing I canít get is the black hat or coat because they know I have one.

7:30 P.M.
My goodness, did you miss me?  Here it is 7:30 at night and it seems like a long time since I started this letter.  I didnít get a chance to finish it this morning, but will finish it now.  As you know, most of the day was spent in school.  We were reviewing for our test tomorrow.  Iím not worrying about it because I will do the best I can.

Tonight I tried to get some things for myself at Small Stores.  There was such a crowd there that I didnít bother to wait because I wanted to get back to write to you.  I am having my dress jumper, undress jumper and a pair of pants fixed.  I felt that was more important.  I want to come home looking nicer than I did last time.

Donít forget what I told you about sending me the birthdays of different ones.  It will keep me busy getting them something.  I want to make up for what I didnít do Christmas.  I wonít spend much.  Just a little token.  It will keep me happy & something to think about.

Ida dear, can I at least tell you how much I love you?  I wonít say things that will make you blue.  i will make you happy.  It will also make me feel good to get it out of my system.  O.K. Honey.  If I sound untrue & muschy [sic], please stop me.

You know, the only thing that hurts me when I tell you how much I love you is because I am saying it now that I am away from you.  You say to yourself, ďOh, he is just talking like this because he is away from me.Ē  Thatís what I mean when it hurts.  Iíve always loved you, Ida.  More than anything in the world.  You can see for yourself the way things have gone for us.  My family is just crazy about [you].  I think your family, in fact, I know now that they really like me, too.  Both families get along good.  There is no ill feeling and I donít think there ever will be.  Besides, I like your family an awful lot and I know you like my family.  What more could we ask for?  I may have been a little foolish & stubborn, but I was young.  I still feel young but older in mind.  I want to tell you too, Ida, that I always picture you as a young swell little girl that always looks up to me for everything.  And, by golly, I will get you everything.  Iím going to keep you as young & beautiful as you are today, always.  A man could ruin a womanís life very easily.  That is something that you will never have to worry about.  I know you believe me there because I have lived with you over 5 years and you look just as young & beautiful, in fact, younger & more beautiful than before we got married.

I hope Iím not boring youÖ

[continued in next letter, which was not found among the bundle in my possession]