Irving Messinger's commentaries on "that great Navy Chow."



One day at chow the boot next to me found a roach in his mashed potatoes, Every day an officer sat in the middle of the chow hall and ate our food (I guess he got a medal for that).


This boot got up and slammed his tray down on the officers table and said I refuse to eat this food, the place went nuts , no one would eat the food. That night the cooks had to scrub out the bins and the whole kitchen. I have a thing for roaches to this day.


On the last day before breaking camp we had a big parade and a final inspection. I had lost over 40 lbs and my pants were so loose I had to hold them up with a rope. I was yelled at and rushed to a used clothing building and refitted before I was allowed to go home on boot leave.


Irv is my college roommate's Dad and was/is a real character.

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