On October 25, 2002 I emailed my sf180 request for information. On January 9, 2002 the package arrived.  I have combined the information in the packet with information from the History of the U.S.S. Neshoba and other information to compile the following:

Service Record of Francis George Padden


August 10,1944 Enlisted NRS Providence, RI to serve two years.  He volunteered to ship out the same day he enlisted, a decision he questioned that evening, but it was too late.


August 11, 1944 Arrived NAVTRACEN, Sampson, New York (Sampson Naval Base) Rank AS V-6


August 30, 1944 applied for $10,000 N.S.L. insurance

Qualified in swimming 50 yards

Gas Chamber instructions received, CN gas


September 23, 1944 Company 564 Picture taken


October 5, 1944 Completed Elementary Fire Fighting training


October 20, 1944 Completed service training and advanced to S2c


October 27,1944 Transferred to the Receiving Ship, San Francisco, Calif for temporary duty instruction at PreComTraCen and duty in the USS Noble detail in accordance with BuPers Dispatch 191910 of October 1944.


November 1, 1944 Arrived San Francisco Assignment - stationed at Treasure Island awaiting commissioning of Neshoba.


November 6, 1944 Transferred to Pre-Com TrainCen SanFran for temporary duty


November 14, 1944 Transferred to U.S.S. Neshoba (APA 216) for duty. AUTH: PCTC SanFran Ser 3897 Authorized to wear shoulder insignia of Amphibious Forces while attached this vessel Auth: BuPers 173-44


November 16, 1944 U.S.S. Neshoba commissioned and placed under the command of Commander Martin J. Drury


November 17, 1944 Transfer processed onboard Neshoba by  D. C. Davis, Lt. Cmdr., USNR Executive Officer 


November 23, 1944 commenced service outside of the United States.


February 1, 1945 Crossed International Date Line


February 20, 1945 Neshoba arrived Leyte Gulf-designanted Flagship of Transport Division Forty Two.


February 16, 1945 change in rate from S2c to S1c


March 27, 1945 departed Philippines for Okinawa


April 1, 1945 "L Day" Invasion of Okinawa commences  Neshoba assigned to take in first 6 waves of troops.

Eligible for Combat Star


April 5, 1945 Aboard Neshoba Captain Short named O.T.C. of fifteen ships in convoy departed Okinawa for Pearl Via Guam.


April 10, 1945 Neshoba departs Guam with 90 Japanese Prisoners of War.


April 22, 1945 Arrived Pearl Harbor


May 24, 1945 Arrived San Francisco and passed under Golden Gate Bridge


June 1, 1945 Promoted from S2c to Y3c(T)


June 1945 Loaded with Naval Ship Repair personnel, Neshoba departs for Eniwetok.


July 9, 1945 After three weeks in Eniwetok ship departs for Ulithi and then Okinawa


July 24, 1945 Arrived Okinawa Kamikaze air raids are very heavy, though the Neshoba was not hit.

Eligible for second Combat Star


July 29, 1945 departed Okinawa for Saipan leading a Convoy-experienced violent typhoon-no ships were lost


August 6, 1945 Arrived Saipan


August 8, 1945 Departed Saipan with Army and Navy dischargees for San Francisco

Orders changed to arrive at Pearl Harbor

Orders changed again and ship diverted to Seattle, Washington where boilers were overhauled at Bremerton Navy Yard.

Repairs took one week, then the 97th infantry division boarded for Leyte via Pearl Harbor. 


August 15, 1945 Total points, computed 15


September 15, 1945 Statement of Service outside continental limits of U.S. From 23 Nov 1944 to 15 Sep 1945 Total months 9 Total overseas points 2


September 17, 1945 arrived Pearl Harbor


September 20, 1945 Transfer to ADCOMPHIBSPAC per pers. Order No P-12574-45 of 9-17-45. 


September 21, 1945 Received aboard Flag Detachment AdComPhibsPac


December 1, 1945 Promoted from Y3c(T) to Y2c(T)


April 11, 1946 Transferred to U.S.S. Eldorado AGC 11


April 15, 1946 Received aboard U.S.S. Eldorado AGC 11


May 28, 1946 transferred to LCI 627 for duty


May 28, 1946 transferred to LST 873 for duty


June 12, 1946 transferred to ComTwelve for duty.

Marks assigned upon transfer Conduct 4.0


June 15, 1946 transferred to 

USN PerSepCen Naval Receiving Station 

495 Summer St. 

Boston 10, Mass 

For Honorable Discharge (CG)

Marks assigned upon transfer:

Prof in rate 3.7

Seamanship 3.6

Leadership 3.5

Conduct 4.0


June 25, 1946 Arrived USNPerSepCen Boston, Mass

At man's own request he is being retained on active duty in the U.S. Naval service until 1 September 1945


June 25, 1946 to July 1, 1946 Authorized 6 days annual leave with -0- days travel time


August 24, 1946 Transferred to U.S. Naval Personnel Separation Center, Boston Mass., for separation from the U.S. Naval Service.

Marks assigned upon transfer:

Prof in rate 3.7

Conduct 4.0

August 25, 1946 Honorable Discharge

Authorized to wear:

World War II Victory Medal

American Theatre Medal

Asiatic-Pacific Theatre Medal 2 Stars

Philippine Liberation Medal