Earl Robert Stanley 0519 Leaves for pre-induction physical.   35
Eathorne James 0108 Recently returned from North Africa.   4
Eaton T/Sgt. Robert M. 0411 Returned to the US after 32 months in Newfoundland.   27
Eccleston Kenneth B. 0315 Pre-induction.   22
Eckert Richard J. 0119 On furlough   9
Edson Kenneth M. 0315 Pre-induction.   22
Edwards Donald A. 0113     8
Edwards Karl E. 0505 Leaves Oneonta for induction.   33
Edwards Lt. Clarence W. 0315 Awarded the bronze Star.   21
Effner Harold J. 0505 Leaves Oneonta for induction.   33
Egbert Edith E. 0307 Serving with the WAC.   39
Eggler Raymond L. 0113 Leaves for induction center at Albany.   8
Eggler Raymond Luther 0107 Will leave Jan 12 for Albany induction station.   3
Eggleston Sgt. Walter P. 0307 Died on Jan 29 in Belgium as the result of a truck accident. Brother of Yeo. 3/c Doris Helen Tolmie, WAVE. 40
Eggleston Walter P. 0122 Received fractured ribs in action in Belgium.

While recuperating in hospital in England, Clarence met Pvt. Albert Meehan of Cooperstown.
Eighmey Lee B. 0518 Ordered to report for pre-induction examination.   34
Eldred Ernest 0505 Leaves Oneonta for induction.   33
Eldred Sgt. Carleton 0121 Recently promoted to Sgt.   19
Ellsworth Robert E. 0113 Leaves for induction center at Albany.   8
Ellsworth Robert Earl 0107 Will leave Jan 12 for Albany induction station.   3
Emerson Cpl. Maynard 0303 Promoted to this rank and in charge of shipping and storage in the engineering section at the base depot at San Francisco, Ca.   16
Erickson Cpl. L.A. 0422 Arrived overseas.   30
Estes Gerald 0427 Navy. Brother of Robert and Lionel Estes. 30
Estes Lt. Lionel 0427 In the European theater. Brother of Robert and Gerald Estes. 30
Estes Lt. Robert 0427 Missing in action in Germany.

Fortress pilot.

Brother of Lt. Lionel and Gerald Estes. 30
Estus Pfc. Lloyd 0402 Brother of Pvt. Theodore and Pvt. Jay Estus.   25
Estus Pvt. Jay 0402 Brother of Pvt. Theodore and Pfc. Jay Estus.   25
Estus Pvt. Theodore R. 0402 Killed in action in Germany. Brother of Pfc. Lloyd and Pvt. Jay Estus. 25
Evans Glenn H. 0315 Inducted.   22
Evans Glenn H. 0319 Inducted.   41
Evans Grace 0307 Serving with the WAC.   39
Evans Joseph F. 0106 Chief clerk in the payroll section at a United States Army general hospital in England.   2
Evans Ruth V. 0307 Serving with the WAC.   39
Every Allen 0113 Missing in action in Germany since Dec. 27.   7
Every Pvt. Allen M. 0506 With the marines in the South Pacific.   33
Fancher Carlton 0119 Promoted   9
Fancher T/4 Harry L. 0523 A member of the 33rd armored regiment of the Third  Armored division and was slightly wounded in the leg April 15 in Germany. He was hospitalized for three weeks. He was previously wounded in February. 38
Faoro Livio 0108 Left for Fort Thomas, Ky. After being overseas. Awarded the Purple Heart. 4
Farmakis Nick T. 0518 Ordered to report for pre-induction examination.   34
Farmer Cpl. Ray A. 0301 Mountain infantry in Italy. Brother of Ens. Kenneth  and Pvt. Albion Farmer. 28
Farmer Ens. Kenneth C. 0301 Third son to be sent overseas . Brother of Cpl Ray and Pvt. Albion Farmer. 28
Farmer Pvt. Albion C. 0301 Amphibian engineers. Brother of Ens. Kenneth C. and Cpl. Ray A. Farmer. 28
Farnum Pvt. Robert L. 0427 Arrived in France.   30
Fassett T-4 Charles A. 0906 Discharged through Fort Dix.   43
Faulkner Kathryn 0307 Serving with the WAC.   39
Fawcett Dorothy B. 0307 Marine Reserve.   39
Faye Roger D. 0505 Leaves Oneonta for induction.   33
Fazio Michael 0315 Inducted.   22
Fazio Michael 0319 Inducted.   41
Feig Capt. Lothar 0523 Capt. Feig served with an Eight  AAF fighter group based in England. Press dispatches credited Lt. Feig with one enemy plane in the air and three on the ground. Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air medal with five Oak Leaf clusters. 38
Felter Charla E. 0307 WAVES   39
Felter Pfc, John 0319 He has fought in one south Pacific battle. Brother of Sea. 1/c Charla Felter WAVE. 44
Felter Sea. 1/c Charla 0319 WAVE. She is a mail clerk in San Francisco, Cal. Sister of Pfc. John Felter. 44
Ferguson HA 1/c Madeline J. 0411 WAVE Received a medical discharge and has returned home. 27
Ferguson Madeline 0307 WAVES   39
Ferrara James 0119 Camp Wheeler, Ga.   10
Fesler Darwin R. 0114 Brother of Earl W. Fesler.   9
Fesler Earl W. 0114 Arrived in New Guinea. Brother of Darwin R. Fesler. 9
Fieg Capt. Lothar 0427 Decorated with a seventh Oak Leaf Cluster to the Air Medal. "For exceptional meritorious service in accomplishing with distinction numerous aerial operational missions over enemy occupied continental Europe". 30
Field Cecil B. 0315 Inducted.   22
Field Cecil B. 0319 Inducted.   41
Fields Pvt. Robert 05 Taken prisoner by the Germans Nov, 19 he was in a prisoner camp until liberated by Russians April 28. While in the camp, he was placed in charge of the Red Cross clothing supply and had the run of the camp.   50
Finch MMM 2/c Martin L. 0419 Took part in the invasion of Normandy on D-Day as a member of an LCT crew. Sampson

Brother of DeForest Finch,
Finch Sea. 2/c DeForest 0419 Assigned to the destroyer which was part of the convoy which accompanied the President to his latest conference with Stalin and Churchill. Sampson,

Brother of Martin Finch.
Fingado Pfc. Vincent 0505 Received his second wound in action in Germany and hospitalized in France.

He was first wounded in February..
Assigned to Gen. Patton's third Army. 32
Fink Cpl. Stewart L. 0310 He is a bomb loader on his squadron's B-17 Flying Fortress.

He wears two battle stars in his European theater ribbon and the Presidential citation badge with cluster.
Fink Kenneth E. 0315 Inducted.   22
Fink Kenneth E. 0319 Inducted.   41
Fish Katherine 0319 Took a war job in Washington, D.C. as either a clerk, typist, or stenographer.   41
Fisher Claude D. 0128 Assigned to the 31st air transport group, England.   12
Fistick Alexander L. 0518 Ordered to report for pre-induction examination.   34
Flynn Sgt. Robert C. 0402 Fatally wounded while serving with the Marines at Iwo Jima, Volcanic Islands. Son of Chief Warrant Officer Henry Flynn, with one of the outfits in the Philippines. 25
Foland Richard M. 0413 Reports for induction April 13.   27
Foster Harold 0215 Chosen by the Navy for duty aboard an L.S.M. (Landing ship medium).   16
Fowler Richard 0111 Stationed at the Canadian Army Trade school, Hamilton, Ont.   7
Fox Joseph J. 0128 Inducted into the Army Jan. 7.   12
Francisco Sgt. Vernon L. 0124 Died Jan. 4 of wound suffered in action in Belgium. Participated in campaigns in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, and Holland. 20
Francisco Sgt. Vernon L. 02 Seriously  wounded in action in Belgium.   17
Frewart Frederick A. 0413 Leaves for service in the armed forces.   27
Frewart Frederick A. 0413 Reports for induction April 13.   27
Frewert Frederick A. 0315 Pre-induction.   22
Frisby Charles O. 0113 Leaves for induction center at Albany.   8
Fritts Walter M. 0119 Sampson   9
Frohib Pvt. Arthur G. 0122 Graduated from the wheeled vehicle department of the Armored School at Fort Knox, Ky.   19
Fuller Paul H. 0111 Promoted   6