Abbott Gilbert P. 0522 Quartermaster, second class. He was 1 of 1500 survivors when his ship, the aircraft carrier Franklin, was bombed by a lone Jap plane, and gruesomely damaged by explosions of its own gasoline and ammunition. He earned the Silver Star for helping to lead trapped men to safety. 36
Abrama Clyde S. 0518 Ordered to report for pre-induction examinations.   34
Abramski Sgt. Walter 0310 Killed in action Dec. 19, 1944.   41
Ackerly Herman W. 0413 Leaves for service in the armed forces.   27
Ackley Herman 0413 Reports for induction April 13.   27
Adriance Alberta 0307 Nurse enlisted with the armed forces.   39
Adsit T/5 James H. 0215 Discharged through Fort Dix.   16
Ahnert William 0330 He has been in the hospital. He has now returned to duty and been promoted to gunner's mate.   46
Ainslie Cpl. Archie A. 0322 Entered the Army in Dec. 1942 and is attached to a coast artillery battalion stationed at Chebarue Island, Me. He trained at Forts Heath and Williams, Miss. Brother of Cpl. George H. and Cpl. Harry R. Ainslie. 45
Ainslie Cpl. George H. 0322 Serving with the Seventh Army overseas. Entered service July, 1942 and was stationed at Fort Eustis and Camp Pickett, Va, before being sent overseas in Dec., 1942. He has taken part in 4 major battles in Africa,  Sicily, Italy and is now in Germany. Brother of Cpl. Archie A. and Cpl. Hary R. Ainslie. 45
Ainslie Cpl. Harry R. 0322 Joined the Air Force in March, 1943 and is training as a gunner on a B-17 at Avon Park, Fla. He had previously been stationed at Lowery Field, Col., Las Vegas, Nev. And Tampa, Fla. Brother of Cpl. George H. and Cpl. Archie A. Ainslie. l 45
Alger 1s Lt. Paul D. 0122 Arrived in England   19
Alger 1st Lt Paul D. 0307 Arrived in France.   39
Alger Charles G. 0518 Ordered to report for pre-induction examination.   34
Alley Eugene 0103 30-day leave before reporting back to San Diego,Cal for treatment of wounds suffered when his ship was sunk off the Philippines. AMM Alley spent 1 1/2 years in the Pacific area and took part in several major battles including Saipan and Leyte. 1
Alley Robert A. 0113 Leaves for induction center at Albany.   8
Alley Robert Anthony 0107 Will leave Jan 12 for Albany induction station.   3
Ames A/S Robert Earl 0416 Boot training at Manhattan Beach Coast Guard training station.   28
Amitrano Cpl. Samuel F.. 05 Served with the 100th Division of the Seventh Army in Germany. Awarded the Bronze Star for heroism and resourcefulness displayed during the Century division's fighting in France and Germany.

Anderson Derwin b. 0104 Stationed at El Centro, Cal as a navigator.   2
Angell Olin S. 0113 Leaves for induction center at Albany.   8
Angell Olin Sage 0107 Will leave Jan 12 for Albany induction station.   3
Anno Doris Y. 0307 WAVES   39
Archer Howard 0113 He is "well and safe" at a base in the Southwest Pacific.   8
Archer Lt. Harry D. 0203 Wounded in action in Luzon by a Japanese machine gun. Received a broken left thigh bone.   15
Archibald Pvt. Forrest 0331 Killed in action March 14 in Germany.   48
Aufmuth 2nd Lt. Arlene 0402 Left the AAF Regional and Convalescent Hospital, Miami District, to report to the medical air evacuation squadron at the Memphis, Tenn., surgical airport for duty as a flight nurse.   24
Austin Francis 0315 Pre-induction.   22
Avery Wilson 0106 returned from 41 months in Hawaii and the Gilbert Islands.   2