Abbott Clarence B. 03-04  
Abbott Clarence B. 06-04 Promoted
Abbott William 02-18  
Abbott William L. 08-10  
Abramson Irwan G. 03-16 promoted
Ackley Charles B. 03-27  
Adams Howard W. 03-27  
Ainslie Archie 01-23 2 brothers
Ainslie George H. 01-23 brothers
Alcott Carlton Jr. 04-29  
Alcott Russell 08-23 Marries Lois Ray of Marlin, TX.
Alcott Russell J. 05-14  
Alcott Russell J. 11-03  
Aldrich Aurum A. 08-31  
Alger Albert 01-23  
Alger Albert 08-23  
Allen John 08-21 Wounded when a small navel vessel was torpedoed and sunk.
Allen Paul 02-16 deceased
Allen Willard A. 11-12  
Allison William H. 03-05 in Guadalcanal
Allmendinger Wilton R. 09-22 Inducted by the Marines.
Allum Ethan 07-15 Air medal for courageous service in combat.
Almendinger Milton R. 09-17 45 classified for induction.
Alpin Ralph N. 09-25 Inducted.
Amitrano Ralph F. 08-17  
Amitrano Ralph Fred 07-30 Army reservist.
Anderson Ceylon 05-07  
Anderson Chris J. 11-08 Marries Doris Tate.
Anderson Derwin b 06-21 Promoted.
Anderson Howard 03-02 Former Oneontan hikes 100 miles through Nazi lines.
Andrews William 01-18  
Angellotti Anthony 08-20 Meets Jack Wells in Tunisia.
Angelotti Andrew 11-11 Witnessed the fight of destroyer Borie against German submarines in the Atlantic. Brother of Anthony and William Angelotti.
Angelotti Anthony 11-11 Brother of Andrew and William Angelotti.
Angelotti William 11-11 Brother of Andrew and Anthony Angelotti.
Aplin Norman Jess 09-03 Missing in action in Sicily since July 11.
Armstrong Lynn 01-23  
Ashley James G. 03-11 in Egypt
Avery Eugene 06-15  
Aylesworth Lewis F. 09-21 Leave for camp induction.
Aylesworth Lewis F. 09-23 Reservists leave for Army Camp.
Aylesworth Lewis F. 09-25 Inducted.