On June 13, 2009, Irene and I sailed on the John W. Brown out of Baltimore - after a day of walking in D.C  The highlight of the trip was meeting Charles Dillum of Sandy Hooky, Kentucky who was a gunners mate on a Liberty Ship during WWII.  Once again, we truly enjoyed our trip.


On 8-24-07 Irene and I had the pleasure of being on the Boston and a cruise on the John W. Brown. We have attached some of the images to give you a "flavor" of the trip.  To call the experience incredible would be a vast understatement.  


The John W. Brown is a WWII Liberty ship that has been restored and has Baltimore, MD as her home port. She is the best kept secret in Baltimore.

What makes the John W. Brown special is that thanks to years of dedication, a large number of volunteers have restored her to her WWII configuration-AND SHE MOVES!!!

The Brown takes 6 hour cruises and much of the original equipment is functional.

What impressed me was that this ship was not a "wharf queen," but is in the condition that she actually would have been when sailing.  The views from various points on the ship reminded me so much of the other C2 and C3 hulls that are on the website.

If you are in Baltimore, check her out, but make sure you write down directions BEFORE you go to Baltimore.

Unfortunately, she is one of the best kept secrets in the City of Baltimore-kept at a dock several miles from the inner harbor, her location is not indicated in any of the Baltimore Brochures and if you try to find her, you need to be very persistent.  It is a pity, because she is truly a floating treasure.

Get the directions to the ship BEFORE you leave.  

Hopefully one day Baltimore will realize what a treasure they have and will get behind the Brown-berthing her in an appropriate location.

Here is the page with directions: Directions

Here is a map from Mapquest: